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Night Angel


The Night Angel Outlet Cover ($12) turns a regular electric outlet into a light-sensing LED nightlight. Just remove your old outlet cover and snap this on, and there’s no wiring or batteries to mess with.

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Muscle Enhancing Shirt


Funkybod’s muscle-enhancing shirts ($40) are poised to revolutionize the world, and take down the fitness industry. Worn as a normal undershirt garment, the Funkybod shirt is a great confidence booster for men in the same way a padded bra works for women.

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You’re a Tool T-Shirt


Project your manliness and affinity for power tools while telling everyone how you really feel. with the You’re a Tool T-Shirt ($13). This is a Teespring campaign that’s only going to be live for 7 days. Hoodies and women’s shirts are also available.

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Meteorite Dinosaur Bone Ring


The Meteorite and Dinosaur Bone Ring ($649) combines the bones of dinosaurs, some meteorite rock from the Gibeon meteorite, and titanium to create a series of unique and awesome rings that let’s you carry a piece of space and history wherever you go!

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Galileo Thermometer and Barometer


A lovely conversation starter and a fun example of early scientific measurement, this Galileo thermometer and barometer set ($25) engages the eye while monitoring the weather. Designed for approximate interpretation of temperature and general prediction of fair or foul weather, the set features glass instruments that rely on the principles of buoyancy and air pressure for their function. In the thermometer, the brightly colored internal spheres rise and lower with fluctuations in temperature and corresponding density. The ball-shaped barometer shifts liquid to and from its curved spout in response to changes in the air. Both pieces are beautifully shaped, and the barometer features a lovely etching of the Earth’s continents. A wooden base makes the set easily displayable on desk or bookshelf.

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Money Origami Kit


If you’ve got a dollar in your pocket, you can stop boredom in its tracks. The Money Origami Kit ($15) includes a 64-page book that features easy-to-follow color illustrations. It is accompanied by a two-hour instructional DVD hosted by the authors of the book as they demonstrate their money folding designs step-by-step. So, whether you prefer learning from a book or from a video, the Money Origami Set has you covered.

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